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A programme of consultancy on the safe use of lifting equipment

Consultancy on the proper use of our CARTEC lifting systems is a fundamental aspect of the Carcano philosophy: not only do we make available our expert staff, but our clients have an app and the CARTEC Safety School at their disposal.

Consultancy on the use of lifting equipment
Consultancy on the use of lifting equipment


Proper use of lifting systems: a question of safety

While the quality of our accessories is the starting point, it is critical that you know how to use them properly: this is why Carcano invests in consultancy and training for our clients

The CARTEC lifting systems catalogue is vast and constantly growing, with new articles added all the time, both as regards materials, load ratings, forms and general specifications. We aim to give our clients everything they need to handle loads in complete safety, secure in the knowledge that the equipment they are using is resistant, controlled and of the highest quality.

But we also realise that this approach – however fundamental – is not enough by itself: creating a lifting system by combining products properly so that they are effective and suited to the load is not always a simple matter. This is true in general, and especially when the load has an irregular shape: the loads on the components of the system are critically affect by the direction of traction (we looked at our revolving eyebolts in a previous issue of this magazine, and how they offer an effective solution to this issue).

We know that our know-how can be of great value to our clients, and we give them all the support they need, every day, together with complete consultancy on the use of lifting systems.

Consultancy on the use of lifting equipment with the app

A virtual assistant always ready to hand: the CARTEC app is the companion to Carcano's offices, always ready to give you the information you need, wherever you are

Carcano's staff is always available to consult on the proper and most effective use of CARTEC equipment: and for some time they have been assisted in this task by our lifting systems app. This provides the client with our full catalogue at all times, while the configurator section guides the user in assembling the lifting system best suited to his application.

The app is a fully fledged virtual consultant on lifting systems: it offers a powerful product configuration tool which guides the user in selecting the most appropriate CARTEC lifting and anchoring equipment, in just a few simple steps.

It is thus a unique, essential tool for your daily work, making use you choose the right CARTEC products for your technical application and lifting solution (with one or more slings) and the weight of the load.

Consultancy on the use of lifting equipment with the CARTEC Safety School

Working in safety means being completely familiar with your tools and equipment: proper training is a fundamental part of effective consultancy

Training in safe load handling is a critical issue: Carcano has set up the CARTEC Safety School, a programme which can be run either at the Carcano factory or at our clients' premises, and which covers guidelines, legislation and regulations, lifting principles and markings, rope and fibre slings, steel ropes and so on.

The CARTEC Safety School programme answers all your needs for training in load handling, for your technical office and your operators, with a practical, complete approach with both theory and practical sessions.

Knowledge is the first step to complete safety: we consider this training, at all levels, fundamental to our role as consultants on the use of our equipment, so that everyone is familiar with every step and operation.