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Design of custom lifting systems and prototype fabrication: total process control

In response to the requirements of the market and to fill out its catalogue product range, Carcano can design custom lifting systems and fabricate prototypes, as well as the equipment required for series production once the final model has been approved: this gives us complete control over the entire process, from concept to shipping

Custom lifting systems
Custom lifting systems


Lifting systems: custom design for the client

Carcano's in-house design department designs custom lifting systems in response to specific market requirements

Carcano offers its clients complete, efficient design and fabrication of custom lifting systems, including prototyping and analysis both of the behaviour of the part and its interaction with the other accessories it is coupled with in the application.

Custom lifting systems are designed in response to specific market requirements, as well as the need to add to the already vast catalogue of CARTEC products and make it more complete and effective.

When a client requests a specific solution or we wish to add a product to the CARTEC catalogue, our design team comes together to find the most effective solution from every point of view, in consideration of the part's technical specifications and the applicable regulations, especially in relation to safety. Design is done using solid modelling software which enables us to build 3D models of all our products.

Fabrication of lifting system prototypes to check the design

We build prototypes of our lifting systems using 3D printing to check the specifications and performance of the parts

Once the preliminary design is completed, the project is subjected to mechanical analysis with finite element software: this enables us to check the mechanical strength and behaviour of the part under a variety of conditions. We are thus able to arrive at a preliminary assessment of the design and modify it as needed.

The mechanical analysis is followed by prototyping: we use a 3D printer to build a realistic model of the part, which is then subjected to verification of its design and also its coupling with other accessories.

If the design passes prototyping, we fabricate steel samples, using the same material of which the actual product will be made. The samples are subjected to mechanical testing and design and coupling checks: it is only when these tests have been passed that the part is signed off for series production - as always, by Carcano in its own factory in Italy.

A flexible, totally controlled system

Carcano has established a flexible system for managing both the production of custom lifting systems and restocking our catalogue parts.

The management and production of catalogue parts and custom lifting solutions requires a highly flexible production system: Carcano not only handles the design and fabrication of prototypes and samples in-house, but also makes the moulds, dies and all other equipment required for machining, as well as fully fledged production.

Combining this extreme flexibility with the high quality of CARTEC products was made possible by the implementation of a management system which enables fast, effective communications between the sales and production departments, as well as by a computerised warehouse which reports stock levels of catalogue parts directly to the production department. This is all achieved without outsourcing production but rather keeping it in-house, together with our controls on all production batches.