Carcano's forging processes are managed entirely in-house, to ensure high quality lifting systems with fully controlled production

" />Carcano's forging processes are managed entirely in-house, to ensure high quality lifting systems with fully controlled production

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Forging lifting systems: high quality Made in Italy production from Carcano

Carcano has its own lifting system hot forging department - the heart of our CARTEC production processes. Know-how, technology and flexibility at the client's service: this is how we respond to the requirements of the market while maintaining stock levels for fast delivery.

Forging lifting systems
Forging lifting systems


Forging lifting systems: our highly efficient in-house department

Our hot forging department is one of Carcano's stand-out competencies: cutting edge production lines for the quality that high technology guarantees

Carcano is known worldwide for the quality of its lifting systems, which are forged in our in-house forging department: every part in the vast CARTEC catalogue is made in our Italian factory, in close collaboration with our design department, warehouse and company management.

The forging department has six forging lines of different sizes, from the smallest parts, weighing just a few tens of grams, to the largest, weighing as much as 30 kg.

Each forging line has its own loading and heating system, which brings the material up to forging temperature: this offers both very high productivity and flexible, high quality production, in terms both of functionality and look, including surface finish and markings, which are also of functional value to the user.

Ever more differentiated forging, including custom and aluminium parts

Over the years, the forging department has enabled us to diversify our production to cover custom parts and a line dedicated to aluminium forgings

Our in-house forging department has enabled Carcano to take its leading position in markets worldwide, with our ability to guarantee high quality products and the variety of our catalogue: indeed, one of the major benefits of this approach has been our ability to diversify our production.

Carcano's experience in forging has enabled us to include custom products alongside our catalogue articles, as well as a dedicated aluminium production line, thus offering a completely new range of products under the CARTEC brand.

The forging department works in close collaboration with the design and prototyping departments: once a custom part has been specified together with the client to satisfy his particular requirements, the dies and parts are made by Carcano itself, under the company's direct control and with the same rigorous quality checks as all catalogue products.

Internal lifting system forging - flexibility in production and warehouse stock

The decision to forge our lifting systems ourselves has been a winning choice not only for the flexibility of our production, but also for our ability to maintain warehouse stock levels

Our varied, complete catalogue, high quality, rigorous controls throughout production and flexibility enable us to fabricate a vast variety of parts using diverse materials, make custom parts and resupply our large warehouse stock at all times, thanks to our advanced computer management system: everything depends on our ability to forge all lifting system parts under our own control.

Orders for catalogue parts coming from the offices are forwarded directly to the constantly resupplied warehouse, which tells the forging departments which parts need replacing, while custom orders are handled directly by the offices and production.