Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. made in Italy lifting solutions offer guaranteed quality, flexibility, reliability and professional specifications.

" />Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. made in Italy lifting solutions offer guaranteed quality, flexibility, reliability and professional specifications.

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Cartec, made in Italy lifting solutions: full process control and guaranteed quality

CARTEC lifting solutions are a byword for excellence in the industry thanks to the rigorous controls implemented by Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. to its production processes: completely made in Italy, they satisfy the most stringent standards and are manufactured by qualified, highly trained and expert staff employing attentively controlled processes.

Made in Italy lifting solutions
Made in Italy lifting solutions


Established in 2000, CARTEC lifting solutions made a name for their outstanding quality from the very start

Fabricating made in Italy lifting solutions with full process control to offer products of the very highest quality: this is the mission of the CARTEC brand

In 2000, Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. initiated an ambitious, longsighted project: to fabricate completely made in Italy lifting solutions, concentrating its efforts in this sector to offer products of outstanding quality with guaranteed reliability, safety and resistance.
Taking on this challenge resulted in the company abandoning its production of hardware - its core business up to that time - and substituting it with imported products of certified quality: its own production was to focus entirely on lifting solutions, with the objective of conquering new markets. Now, 20 years later, Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. is in no doubt that this strategic decision has worked out and continues to do so, thanks to the winning quality of its production.

Two decades of made in Italy quality for lifting solutions
Two decades of made in Italy quality for lifting solutions

Made in Italy - a brand that stands for excellence, quality and flexibility

Made in Italy is an important brand, the expression of the values which Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. has embodied in its lifting solutions

TheMade in Italy brand is known worldwide as a synonym for excellence, creativity and flexibility, and the ability to face new challenges proactively. To these typical values of Italian culture, Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. adds a philosophy of uncompromised quality - the company's hallmark from its earliest days. This combination of cultures has enabled us to make inroads in a variety of sectors in just a few years.

Made in Italy stands for excellence, in the most various fields: Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. combines flexible production with the creativity typical of this culture with its hallmark commitment to uncompromising quality

CARTEC products are manufactured in Italy in full conformity with UNI EN and DIN regulations, by a company, Stamperia Carcano S.p.a., which is certified to the most stringent European standards. What is more, all production is done in-house, under the direct control of the company, by highly trained staff able to guarantee unbeatable quality. This is why CARTEC products are the expression of the very best quality we can offer.

Made in Italy lifting solutions conquer world markets

In just a few years, CARTEC made in Italy lifting solutions have become a byword for uncompromising quality in 44 countries worldwide

That we have taken the right road, and that CARTEC made in Italy lifting solutions are of the highest quality, is demonstrated not only by our production processes and our implementation of rigorous production controls, but also by the success enjoyed by our products within just a few years of their presentation on the market: now, less than 20 years after their introduction, they are sold directly in 44 countries, including in countries in which German companies have always led the market and in Germany itself, without doubt our largest competitor in the industry.

Not only are new markets opening to CARTEC products all the time, but they are also used for an increasing number of applications and uses: at the present time, our lifting solutions are used in highly critical and challenging applications including railways, telecommunications, power generation and ports, and new areas are continually opening up.