Rigging hardware

High quality hardware: strict controls and guaranteed production quality

Alongside its own products, Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. offers a vast selection of top quality hardware: parts subject to the same strict controls we apply to our own production. The client can count on the competency and attention to detail that only a manufacturer can offer.

Top quality hardware
Top quality hardware


Top quality hardware: specifications and controls

Our imported hardware is of the same guaranteed quality as our own production, thanks to stringent controls and carefully selected vendors

Hardware is at the root of the Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. story: we started out with our own hardware products, made by highly trained staff using high quality processes.

This experience enabled us to develop competency and direct familiarity with every step of production. What has never changed is our commitment to offering the highest quality hardware conforming with the same standards we apply to our own products.

Our very strict controls ensure that every product that leaves our warehouses satisfies the client's quality requirements. Our attention to the selection of vendors – our technicians audit their production on site, and they must be in possession of a series of quality certifications – enables us to guarantee our clients the reliability and outstanding specifications they demand.

Selecting hardware: guaranteeing vendor controls

Over the years, Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. has acquired the experience required to assess the characteristics of every hardware product leaving our warehouses

We have mentioned our attentive selection of vendors, and the strict quality controls we implement, but it doesn't stop there: Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. is able to directly monitor the vendor's production processes and assess their outputs. Thanks to our decades of experience as a manufacturer, we are highly qualified to evaluate the materials, processing, treatments and every step of production from raw materials to finished product.

As manufacturers, we can evaluate production processes in detail: materials, processing, surface treatments and op on, so that we can instantly identify the highest quality hardware

This is how we are confident that our hardware is of the highest quality, with guaranteed conformity with the most stringent functional and safety criteria: because we demand of our vendors exactly the same attention to detail that we demand of our own production, to ensure that their products can satisfy the most challenging specifications of tender in any market.

Hardware for any application: the importance of quality

Industry, DIY, gardening… our hardware is used everywhere and offers unbeatable performance in all areas

Our hardware is used for the most varied applications: in any industrial context, but also by DIY enthusiasts and in the garden… it has unlimited applications, and this is why we ensure that it offers guaranteed reliability, safety and resistance in all conditions.

It is precisely this need to assure unbeatable performance in any professional and hobbyist application that drives us to pay even greater attention to safety and functionality: for Stamperia Carcano S.p.a., supplying quality products is more than just the core of our company philosophy - it is an ethical imperative.