Lifting solution tracking: quality and safety guaranteed by rigorous control of all processes

CARTEC lifting solutions are fully tracked to guarantee unbeatable quality and ensure they are suited to safe use in the most challenging industrial applications. Each part is marked with its history, so you always know where it comes from.

Lifting solution tracking
Lifting solution tracking


Lifting solution tracking: an "ID card" for each individual component

When making parts for use in industrial and other challenging applications, all safety requirements become critical: tracking is an essential link in the chain

Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. makes lifting and suspension accessories for even the most challenging applications, in terms of both their operating conditions and the loads the parts are subject to: just think of ports with their saline environment, but also wind power rotors and heavy industrial applications, to cite just a few of our most extreme applications.

It is always essential - and all the more so for such applications - that we be able to guarantee the quality of each component: our production tracking system is key to this effort, since it enables us to immediately identify the individual part's production lot and the quality controls it has passed. Stamperia Carcano S.p.a. keeps everything under control at all times, so that our clients don't have to worry about the safety of our products.

Lifting equipment tracking and identifying codes

Where does tracking start? And what do we mark on the parts to identify its production history?

When we talk of full tracking of lifting equipment, we mean that every step, every process, the entire history of the part must be immediately identifiable: this assures the client complete certainty about the quality of the products, while enabling us to unequivocally identify all parts in a given production lot which do not satisfy our own quality criteria.

Full tracking of a lifting system enables us to track the history of each part in full, at any time: from the steel casting to all subsequent processes, including the quality controls run throughout production.

The tracking of CARTEC products starts with the identification of the raw materials, and even more: with the identification of each individual casting used to fabricate the steel bars used for production. We then identify all steps of production and – above all – all the controls run on the lot during its production. The result is an ID card for the part which enables us to track its history in real time, even after the part has been put into service.

Tracking is an integral part of quality and safety

To ensure outstanding quality and uncompromising safety, everything must be kept under control: the tracking system is key to this requirement

Not only must we know how to do the best job we can – assisted by our experience and our commitment to offer high performance equipment – but we must also be certain that every step of production satisfies rigorous protocols to guarantee unmatched quality and safety. This is why tracking is essential, since it enables us to control the entire process in detail.

For Stamperia Carcano S.p.a., safety is everything, especially in light of the critical nature of the application: we are committed to guaranteeing our products' ability to safeguard both the load and the health and safety of their users.