Accessories and lifting systems: what checks should be run when they are in use?

Once they have left the factory and been put to use, accessories that go to make up lifting systems must undergo a series of checks by the user to verify that they are still in good condition and to assess their level of wear so as to ensure that they can be used in absolute safety

checks on lifting accessories
checks on lifting accessories


Lifting system accessories: checks during production

The quality control procedures implemented by Carcano during the production of accessories in the CARTEC range aim to ensure that customers have lifting system accessories that they can fully rely on. But the user also has an important role in this.

Every stage of the production process of CARTEC accessories is marked by an important series of checks geared to verifying full compliance with the characteristics required of the metal used, the processes carried out, the treatments received and so on. Over the years Carcano has developed a strict procedure of spot checks on limited product batches that can identify with absolute precision any discrepancies so as to ensure that only perfect products reach the market.

For Carcano, very high level quality control is not only a matter of keeping a positive image with customers and maintaining an excellent business relationship, but primarily a matter of moral duty: the delicate nature of the field of application requires us to do everything in our power to ensure maximum safety.

Aware of its responsibility towards the market and the impact that its products can have on the integrity of the items handled and even more so on the safety of the people engaged in moving them, Carcano has set itself a daily aim, that of achieving the absolute reliability of systems made using the lifting accessories it produces. An aim that also involves the active cooperation of the users in their own interest.

Lifting system accessories: checks during use

Once put to use, lifting system accessories must undergo a series of checks by the user to ensure safe use over time: a good rule based on common sense, as well as a requirement of specific laws.

The fact that CARTEC lifting accessories are delivered in perfect condition is absolutely essential, a conditio sine qua non for the users to be able to build reliable systems. Two other elements, however, are equally essential: adequate training on how to assemble lifting systems in the most effective manner and how to run regular checks to verify their resistance in the various ways they are used by the user.

Like any tool, lifting accessories are naturally subjected to wear and their resistance also depends on the frequency and severity of the loads and forces they are subjected to. But what checks should be carried out? How can we make sure that the parts can still work effectively?

Together with every product - and also through Carcano’s digital information systems - you can find detailed instructions on use that include information on the checks to be carried out on all parts: checks that are required to a certain extent by current laws and need to be recorded in special registers. At regular intervals - which may mean every time they are used but never more than one year if they are only used occasionally - it is essential for the user to check that the part is free from defects due to wear, corrosion, cracks and obvious warpage, and also that the markings are still clearly visible. The loads to be lifted must then naturally be in line with the load capacities for which they were designed and which also vary according to the degrees of traction: all this information is shown in the instructions and can also be easily viewed on your mobile devices at any time. The specific checks are then described for each type of accessory as regards their given functions and the necessary tables are also shown.

The importance of training and checks in the use of lifting systems

The reliability of a lifting system, in addition to the quality and strength of the accessories that go to make it up, also depends on its correct use: knowing how to prepare a lifting action and how to manage it is of fundamental importance.

Checks on the production process on the one hand, and checks during use on the other but, as we have seen, there needs to be a third element that helps employees to set up a lifting system that is truly functional and safe, namely training. Matching the various accessories in the right way and adapting their number and position to the various kinds of loads to be handled may not be easy: this is why Carcano has created for the companies who request it, a training programme at different levels called Cartec Safety School, so as to ensure that everyone has all the necessary information to perform their role conscientiously and without running any risks. Because making sure that safety works must always be our first and most important objective.