production of lifting systems
production of lifting systems


Hot metal forging: the production of lifting systems

Hot metal forging has over the years become CARCANO’s specialisation but it is also successful in other similar fields

It was at the end of the 1950s that Giuseppe Carcano with his wife Ebe and his sister Franca decided to turn the family’s mechanical workshop into a hot steel forging plant.
And so, more than half a century ago, this event hailed the start of the history of CARCANO, a company that has succeeded in growing over the years, reaching new sectors and markets and increasingly becoming a benchmark for quality and reliability.

A range of products from lifting systems to various tools in the hardware field that is always vast and updated, and a widely recognised quality brand have enabled CARCANO to conquer an ever greater slice of the market also on an international level.

Nowadays CARCANO, together with its brands that identify its various production and marketing ranges, is positioned as one of the most important companies in this industry on a European and world level. The reliability, strength and durability of our products enjoy an ever more positive reception from customers by virtue of the cornerstones of the CARCANO quality policy: full control over the entire production process – from the design stage to forging, controls, warehouse and shipping – for the vast range of in-house production items, the rigorous controls over manufacturers and on every batch for marketed products.

Quality that comes from complete control, from the design stage to forging

You cannot ensure the quality of things that are beyond your control: with this conviction, CARCANO has always inspected every item with the expert eye of a producer.

The CARCANO production philosophy is based on the capacity of having full control over every production phase of the articles in its catalogue: all new items, whether they are intended to enter into permanent production or have been made to order, are designed by CARCANO’s specialist in-house departments. Once this phase has been successfully completed, a few prototypes are always made to test out their robustness under normal use. After these tests have been passed, the dies are prepared and the new items can go into production.

The work processes are performed in-house by CARCANO’s specialist staff, who deal with the hot forging. All batches undergo various tests in the laboratory and, in the event of any discrepancy, it is extremely easy to trace back with precision to the pieces affected by the problem.
As regards those products in the catalogue that are marketed by CARCANO, the real difference is always the expertise of the producer: the company is, in fact, in a position to make the best judgement about producers, the materials they use and the processes they perform and the pieces undergo the same laboratory testing as in-house production items.

The CARCANO quality brands CARTEC, STROPS and CARFER

Three brands for three quality catalogues: CARTEC lifting systems with GR. 100, GR. 80 and stainless steel GR. 60 accessories, CARFER accessories for cables and chains and STROPS slings and anchoring systems.

The first CARCANO range to acquire its own identity was the lifting system range: the CARTEC brand was created in 2007 and gained success over the subsequent years as a clearly identified and distinct brand. About a decade later, in 2018 we acquired STROPS, a historically strong company in the manufacture of lifting slings and anchoring systems: another important and recognised brand was thus added to the range of CARCANO products on offer.

All that remained was to give a deserved identity of its own to a range that was similarly historic but which had never been given a specific image of its own: we are talking about the range of accessories for cables and chains, an important element in the CARCANO offering. So, in 2019, the last, in chronological terms, of the three brands was born: CARFER, an additional step ahead in the process of renewing the company’s image, providing its customers with further transparency and clarity.