CARTEC: a catalogue always on the move, at the service of lifting systems

The Carcano Research & Development department is always busy: in order to develop new products, whether for inclusion in the catalogue or tailor-made for a customer, it is also essential to create the dies and tools required for the processing work. Operations that Carcano manages directly in-house.



Catalogue or tailor-made products: full control over the entire process

In order to offer a reliable, quality service, it is essential to have maximum control over every phase in the production process, including the creation of the dies required for processing new products.

How can Carcano ensure maximum reliability of all products in the CARTEC catalogue? And how can it offer its customers a design and production service for tailor-made items and still ensure the same quality standards? Simple: by maintaining full control over the entire process, following a precise design and production procedure and conducting rigorous controls in every processing stage, so as to be sure of the quality of the products it places on the market.

The Carcano engineering department personally designs the accessories for lifting systems and produces the prototypes: in order to get normal production underway, it is necessary to shape the dies for the forging department. A procedure that Carcano performs totally in-house. 

Confident about the expertise of its workers, bolstered by its long experience gained in the field as a direct manufacturer and with enhanced reliability via a stringent quality and internal control process, Carcano knows how to manage each process to the best effect so as to reassure its customers that they can count on reliable, safe and functional items.

Design and creation of the dies for lifting accessories

The Carcano process combines specific know-how, built over several years of activity as a manufacturer, with the most up-to-date machinery and solutions: all the best of human intelligence, combined with the finest technology.

So Carcano creates in-house all the equipment it needs for its production systems in the forging departments: a strength that allows it to stand apart from its competitors. The expertise of Carcano’s excellent personnel is accompanied by the finest technology, thus creating a partnership that makes the difference.

Our fabrication departments are equipped with high speed, numerically controlled machining centres, while our engineering departments have cutting-edge tools for 3D modelling, capable of converting designs into machine language and then sending them on to the machining centres.

Once the definitive design has been achieved, the instructions on how to create the dies are sent directly to the machinery in production: here the die is manufactured in its entirety, including the finishing. A highly technological process that saves time and reduces errors to a minimum.
Once the die is completed for the production of lifting accessories - whether they are products for inclusion in the CARTEC catalogue or tailor-made to customer specifications - the quality department validates its use for standard production by performing a series of sample tests.

From the die to the warehouse: a service you can really rely on

In-house production, one of Carcano’s specific features, is one of the reasons for the international success of CARTEC products, used and appreciated in a wide range of sectors. Controls that go as far as its highly automated warehouse.

The ability to maintain every phase of fabrication in-house has always been one Carcano’s specific features, as well as one of the reasons why CARTEC products soon found an international market and have succeeded in building a sound reputation in various sectors. A complete and, at the same time, complex process, whose structuring and management requires experience and expertise together with large investments in order to keep up with the times and, whenever possible, be one step ahead.

Design, prototyping, fabrication and quality tests: every aspect comes under Carcano’s specific control, aiming at the top quality both in terms of its products and the service it provides. From this point of view, one of the company’s other major successes is a fundamental aspect: its automated warehouse is designed to ensure adequate stocks of products at all times in order to meet urgent requests, optimise production and reduce lead times.