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CARTEC lifting system applications
CARTEC lifting system applications


CARTEC lifting system sales: international expansion

The CARTEC brand has become a synonym for lifting system quality all over the world and in every sector: an expansion we strongly desired and developed year after year by implementing the products and services on offer

With its roots in made-in-Italy production and the Italian market, Carcano’s range of offers has over the years enjoyed strong international expansion into a vast number of market sectors, and has now achieved a worldwide presence: this is the result of a market policy based on essential values such as direct production, uncompromising quality, customer care and the ongoing implementation of the range of products on offer in the CARTEC lifting systems.

The expansion in sales of CARTEC lifting systems started in the European area and then expanded to many more countries throughout the world. An expansion in geographical terms but that also runs across the board into various market sectors which apply lifting systems.

The company has resolutely kept its sights on quality and service, but also on the ongoing implementation of its own catalogue so as to be able to meet the needs of various kinds of customers in a precise and speedy manner, always finding the best balance between required services, costs of products and product functions.

CARTEC lifting system applications: a vast array of market sectors

We can say that our lifting systems cover practically every market sector, but some sectors use them more intensively: from the automotive sector to heavy machinery, the construction industry, Oil&Gas and handling containers.

In any industrial and transport sector, the use of lifting systems is essential: wherever there are heavy loads or a machine to be moved, being able to rely on products that ensure the job is done in total safety for both people and property is absolutely fundamental. That is why there is such a vast and diversified range of lifting systems: precisely so as to give everyone exactly the right response to their specific needs.

So if lifting systems cover such a vast number of sectors, there are some that use these products with particular intensity: we are talking about the automotive world for example, where they are used in the construction of dies, in building cars and also in companies engaged in logistics and handling loads.
We can also mention some other particularly interesting sectors such as manufacturers of industrial machinery used in every activity and in particular in the sector of large presses and heavy equipment, and manufacturers of generators, transformers and large engines, manufacturers of valves and pipes for the Oil&Gas industry and manufacturers of cranes, trailers and pallet trucks. Lastly, the sectors that use lifting systems intensively include those that deal in heavy-duty metal carpentry, building work and the handling of containers.

Custom products, quality, attention and speed: all that lies behind CARTEC lifting systems

Satisfying a vast number of market sectors means offering a similarly vast range of lifting systems united by quality, reliability, availability and also with correct training on safety

We only need to look at the market sectors mentioned above – though just a drop in the ocean compared to the actual diffusion of lifting systems – in order to get a grasp of the great variety of needs and loads to be handled in every field. And that is why the companies which seek to be seen as a benchmark in their sector, need to aim at quality, but also innovation and a vast range of products to be offered to each one according to preferences and requirements.

To provide each market sector with precise answers Carcano decided right from its outset to base its business policies on a few key points: direct control of production, made-in-Italy quality, drive towards innovation, ongoing implementation of off-the-shelf and custom-made products, attention to training and safety.

The essential idea is not to limit our action to offering customers a range of products that can meet their needs to perfection – and, if that is not enough, to launch tailor-made productions – but also to make sure that they all know they can put their absolute trust in every piece we make. In addition, through a series of initiatives dedicated to training and the correct use of lifting systems, we ensure that every member of the workforce engaged in the use of these products is made aware of their characteristics, modes of use and safety systems.