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CARTEC Safety Academy: which course is right for me?

In order to promote safety education, for some years now Carcano has been setting up the CARTEC Safety Academy, a safe lifting school aimed at our customers with both standard and customised projects. But how do you select the most suitable offer for your needs?



CARTEC Safety Academy: a school for safe lifting

Safety education is essential to operate in an informed manner, avoiding damage both to goods and, above all, to the people who are handling loads

The safety issue is - rightly so - increasingly paramount for companies: it is undoubtedly a legal obligation to which the various national governments and supranational institutions pay increasing attention, as well as precise civil and criminal responsibilities. But not only that: regardless of regulations, it is an issue that has now entered the consciousness of both companies and the public, so much so that it is a central point in any Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Adequate procedures and equipment are indeed needed to ensure safety, but every initiative undertaken cannot be separated from one fundamental element: the awareness of those who are called upon to use them or put them into practice. Depending on everyone's assignments, it is therefore good for staff to know exactly what to do and how to behave.

The various national regulations, as they should, identify potential risks in the workplace and the steps taken to eliminate or minimise these risks. It is not infrequent, however, that companies choose to implement the level of awareness of their operators, providing ad hoc training for specific tasks, especially if they present risks: hence the heartfelt demand for a real school for safe lifting. Through theory and practical cases, these lessons enable operators to obtain a degree of knowledge that avoids problems both for goods or structures and, above all, people.

Choosing the most suitable Academy course

Each company and every operator, depending on the sector they operate in and their specific task, require different levels of knowledge and depth, from basic to advanced

Once it has been established that training and awareness are the key elements to act safely and avoid accidents, it is equally true that not everyone has the same requirements. On the contrary. Influencing the specific needs of different realities is first and foremost the sector in which they operate, the nature of the loads to be handled, the environment and operating temperatures, the presence of structures in the company, and many other factors. Then of course there are the variables related to the worker, his/her tasks, skills and so on.
For this, Carcano has designed several courses, organised in levels - from basic to advanced - and which can be held either at Carcano's site or online, in different languages. If, despite the broad choice, none of the proposals is what the customer is looking for, it is also possible to organise ad hoc programmes, tailored to the customer's needs. Carcano personnel are available not only to organise courses, but also to give all the advice needed to identify the perfect programme for the specific situation.

Why a safe lifting school?

Lifting and moving loads is a complex operation that responds to certain laws of the State, naturally and of course, physics. For this it is good to develop specific skills

From the basics of safe load lifting techniques to training for inspectors of 'underhook' lifting systems and the assembly and certification of chain slings, Carcano's safe lifting school covers all company needs. But why choose a CARTEC Safety Academy course?

No one knows lifting systems like the people who produce them: not only the regulations, but also their characteristics, strengths, how to get the best out of each element, practical cases of use, how to behave and which products to choose for the different situations you may find yourself in. This is the reason for a specialised safe lifting school.

Lifting is a delicate field and one in which the utmost attention must be paid, in order to avoid problems and at the same time optimise the life and performance of the various lifting accessories, avoiding putting them under excessive strain, perhaps by using them incorrectly or by mismatching them. Also of paramount importance is compliance with the relevant laws, which are detailed and stringent: compliance here is not just a formal matter, but more than ever a substantial one.