safety with lifting systems
safety with lifting systems


Face-to-face and online: safety training from classroom to computer

In 2020, just a few weeks after the first international lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cartec Safety Academy went online in all languages: so our safety training was never interrupted

Safety training has always been a priority for Carcano: when operating in the sector of handling loads, including extremely large loads, the need to ensure safety of items and, above all, of people is a paramount commitment for us, as it rightly should be in every sector. That’s why the Cartec Safety Academy was established in recent years with a highly specialised program capable of training all handling operators on the correct and informed use of lifting systems.

Precisely because it is top priority, the safety training program could not be interrupted by the logistical problems affecting the whole world: the project was, however, almost ready to go online. From mid-2020 it was already possible to access the Academy from any part of the world and in any language. 

In this way, Carcano not only successfully continued to offer its safety training program on lifting systems but also succeeded in reaching a wider reference audience: an opportunity that met with the approval of companies all over the world which chose the online Cartec Safety Academy in its first year of existence so as to exploit this opportunity.

Various levels of difficulty for all-round safety training

From basic level to advanced, moving through the intermediate and expert levels, the safety training program offered by the Cartec Safety Academy aims to provide all operators with the relevant skills and expertise

Available online – more specifically via any computer, tablet or smartphone through the 3CX platform – and in any language. But how are the Cartec Safety Academy courses organised? First of all, participants start with the basic level (4 hours) and then move on to the intermediate level (6 hours), expert level (6+2) or the advanced level (8+4); the last course, however, is only available face-to-face.

A wide range of topics are covered in the various courses: the basic one looks at regulations and legislation governing lifting procedures, in addition to notions about steel cables and rope, polyester fibre and chain slings, an overview of the types of lifting accessories and a few case-studies. The more advanced courses include various in-depth analyses on the individual points, notions about procedures for drafting controls and technical training activities.
Every course, regardless of the level, requires the participants to pass a final exam in order to be awarded the relevant certificate.

Safety first: product quality is not enough – knowing how to use products properly is essential

Carcano produces reliable, quality, tried and tested lifting systems but that’s not enough: to ensure safety, knowing how to use them properly is essential. The reason for the Cartec Safety Academy

But why did Carcano decide to create the Cartec Safety Academy, firstly in its face-to-face version and, subsequently, online? The reason can be found in its desire to ensure maximum safety for goods or manufactured items and, above all, for the people who are engaged in handling operations or who may be around where such operations take place.

Over the years Carcano has developed increasingly high-performance procedures for designing, manufacture and control, precisely so as to ensure reliable and top quality systems for those needing to handle items, including large-sized ones. But we realised that was not enough: it was necessary for people to know how to use them with the utmost efficiency. 

This train of thought led us to the idea of creating a safety training program, specifically designed for the lifting systems sector: knowing how to match various components, knowing about the relevant legislation, finding one’s way around this world with full knowledge of the facts, is a fundamental element for one’s own safety and that of others. So Carcano decided to go one step further than its specific obligations and to provide those interested with a highly specialised service and highly qualified, expert teachers in occupational safety to deliver the program: that is what we mean by “safety first”.