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Excellent products start from excellent raw materials: the CARTEC process

To manufacture excellent products, choosing the best quality raw materials is of fundamental importance: for our CARTEC lifting systems we choose only high quality materials, subjected to rigorous technical tests to ensure reliability and strength during use.

Raw materials for the production of lifting systems
Raw materials for the production of lifting systems


CARTEC products: choosing the best raw materials

The products in the CARTEC catalogue are made by using raw materials from the best steelworks, subjected to rigorous entry tests to ensure the very best results

When we talk about top-quality, high-strength reliable products, we refer to the manufacturing processes at the Carcano plant and also to all the controls aimed at testing their effective success. But a necessary condition for manufacturing excellent products is the choice of excellent raw materials. Without the checks on the material you are processing, it would be impossible to ensure a successful result.

The raw materials used by Carcano for the production of CARTEC lifting-system accessories come from the best Italian steelworks, approved after careful acceptance tests that are performed on each batch before they are sent for processing.

Precise in-house test regulations specify the tests to be carried out in order to verify compliance of the technical steels with the applicable UNI-DIN regulations. The large quantity of specially laminated materials used by Carcano means that the products we supply are of the same high standard, a further guarantee for our customers all over the world.

Full tracking for all lifting-system accessories

The tracking of CARTEC lifting accessories starts with identifying the raw materials they are made with: this is the way we create the identity card for every single piece we produce

Another point of fundamental importance in the Carcano philosophy is the comprehensive tracking of each piece: all CARTEC products are marked so that you can reconstruct their entire history at any time, even after a considerable time-gap. It is a kind of product identity card, which marks its identity without any possible confusion.

The CARTEC product tracking system also naturally includes the batch of raw material which they originated from: through this coding, it is therefore possible to trace back to the material used, the processes performed and what checks were carried out. The ability to recover the values of raw materials used at any time in the intermediate and final processing phases provides Carcano with total control over its products. This means they are not only increasingly traceable, but even more reliable because even the slightest discrepancy is identified in real time and referred back to the specific production lot.

From production to use: a service that involves ongoing customer assistance

The rigorous selection of raw material suppliers is part of the quality process developed over the years by Carcano, one of the fundamental points in its production philosophy

As an operator in the hot forging sector for over half a century, Carcano has been able to carve out a leading position in the market: a success determined also and above all by the company philosophy, whose fundamental principles have remained unchanged since its foundation. Attention to quality and continuous product improvements, including the rigorous selection of raw material suppliers, is undoubtedly one of the main building blocks of this philosophy.

We are continually expanding our catalogue with a view to meeting an increasing number of requirements and providing increasingly precise solutions. This, however, has never been to the detriment of the attention we pay to manufacturing individual pieces: indeed, over the years we have made considerable investments in our production departments and logistics structure and also on training, meeting both our in-house needs but also those of users of CARTEC lifting systems. Our view is that a quality service does not end when the products leave our premises but involves ongoing customer assistance.