Instructions for use of lifting systems
Instructions for use of lifting systems


Instructions for use of lifting systems: the importance of correct use

Every day thousands of products linked to the CARTEC lifting systems leave Carcano production facilities: all pieces are checked and tested, but even the best products need to be used correctly in order to work in safety.

A really significant part of Carcano’s production efforts, in addition to extending our catalogue of products and creating custom-made items for our customers, is placed in ensuring that every piece that leaves our production facilities has been checked and is safe. Over the years a strict system of controls has been designed, applied and implemented which allows us to ensure that every piece in our warehouse and subsequently sent to our customers all over the world is absolutely safe to use.

Ensuring the maximum reliability of our products, however, is not enough: a fundamental part of the process is the correct use by the end user. That is why, in addition to packing printed instructions for the use of its lifting systems in various languages, Carcano has decided to make it even easier to access this information.

We have all had the experience of paper-based instructions, which may be useful on the spur of the moment, especially for immediate use, but turn out to be inadequate on various occasions: they can easily get mislaid and become unusable or illegible, especially if we remember that they are often used on building sites, where it can be difficult to keep printed sheets clean and in good order.

Wherever you are, access the CARTEC instructions for use thanks to the QR Code

In order to make the instructions for use of CARTEC lifting systems available to anyone wherever they are, Carcano has introduced a specific QR Code on its packaging allowing users to access the necessary information, save it on their devices and share it

Precisely in consideration of the fact that paper-based instructions often turn out to be inadequate to meet all needs when lifting systems are being used, Carcano has decided to make the CARTEC instructions for use available on all packaging through a QR Code. In this way, users can access the file in question wherever they are, even if they no longer have the paper-based version available.

To download the CARTEC instructions for use, you only need to use the camera on your smartphone or the relevant Apps to scan the QR Code printed on the external packaging of the Carcano boxes or on the individual bags containing the pieces: once you have displayed the file, it can be saved and shared in real time with others as a pdf.

This function can be really useful, for example, if a member of the office staff has to share the instructions with someone on a building site who needs the information to set up a lifting system correctly. Or another example might be for the more far-sighted among us, who would like to have a copy saved on their device before actually going to the building site. Whatever way a person decides to take advantage of this opportunity, Carcano’s aim is, as usual, linked to promoting safety: being aware of how to use a product means being able to use it correctly. And using it correctly means increasing the safe use and useful life of the piece itself.

Expert use of lifting systems: the Carcano Safety Academy

The introduction of the QR Code is just the latest of Carcano’s efforts towards raising the awareness of end users with a view to increasing their safety and expertise in using CARTEC products.

The introduction of the QR Code for the instructions for use of CARTEC products is just the latest in a series of initiatives that Carcano has implemented with the specific purpose of ensuring that end users have all the tools they require to use lifting systems correctly. Every component in these structures must be used in highly specific ways so as to ensure maximum performance in terms of operation and above all in terms of safety, and also to extend the useful life of the item itself.

From this point of view, the most important initiative is undoubtedly the Carcano Safety Academy which – at the request of customers – can be organised in face-to-face sessions or online: a series of courses of varying lengths and different levels of specialisation to train individuals, who in various capacities may need to be in charge of lifting systems.