An international certificate on quality: Carcano receives the LEEA certification

The Certificate of Membership issued by the LEEA to Carcano as an Associate Member was given in February 2023. It is not just a simple piece of paper, but an international certificate for reliability, quality and safety that is extremely important for those operating in the world of lifting loads.



Carcano joins the LEEA: since February 2023 it has been an Associate Member

After a complete and thorough audit, the LEEA awarded Carcano a certificate as an Associate Member: “For us, this means reaching the top level in technical certifications

Awarded in February 2023, the recognition of Carcano as an Associate Member of the LEEA, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association: the certificate, issued after a long and careful audit, is an international award for the value of the company and the excellence of Carcano products. The coveted certificate declares not only that Carcano is a manufacturer, but also that all the standards set by both the European Community and the association itself are complied with and that the products can be fully tracked along the entire supply chain, from production to delivery to the customer.

“Obtaining this certificate is also essential due to its internationality,” explained Paolo Cappelletti, Export Manager at Carcano. “It is not something to be taken for granted in a sector where each country has rules that are often highly specific, but at the same time very strict. Conversely, the LEEA certification is recognized all over the world, giving our products an important international licence.”

So, a globally valid recognition, which also represents a certificate of quality and reliability: “The LEEA certification rewards the efforts that Carcano has made in recent years,” continued Cappelletti. “Having received it is like having reached the top level in certifications both from a purely technical point of view as regards lifting, and - above all - for everything that concerns safety and accident prevention. There are not many companies that can boast having this certificate.”

A further step along the path of total quality and corporate responsibility.

Obtaining certifications responds to Carcano’s desire to certify its reliability not only with declarations of intent, but through verifiable and measurable facts

We have always said that, since its foundation, Carcano decided to take the path of Total Quality and Responsibility: two principles now on everyone’s lips, but which we believe need to be demonstrated not only through declarations of intent and the commendable efforts made in production and organisation, but also through verifiable and measurable facts. For this reason we have always wanted to certify the results we achieve, ensuring that it was not just our opinion that confirmed the excellence of the path taken, but also that of reliable, expert bodies that are above all totally independent from us.

The LEEA certification is an addition to the various certificates already in Carcano’s possession concerning our processes and products alike: as mentioned, it is an important achievement but it is, as always, also a starting point, because the Total Quality journey is one that knows no end point for us.

What is the LEEA? The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

The LEEA is the reference association for all companies involved in various capacities in the lifting sector and has a particular focus on all matters relating to safety

Why has it been important for Carcano to obtain certification from the LEEA? As we have seen, what makes the difference is its international importance, which means that it is recognized in practically all countries in the world: such strength naturally derives from the seriousness and recognition of the association itself.

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association – as indicated by itself - is a well-established body throughout the world, as the main trade association for all those working in the lifting sector.

Committed to ensuring that best practices become an integral part of the daily actions of every company in the supply chain, it aims to ensure that companies eliminate incidents, accidents and deaths not only internally, but also by guaranteeing safety and reliability to all those who use the products placed on the market. A vision that we cannot fail to share.