For over 50 years, production based on the philosophy of respect

We like to think that the Carcano company philosophy is based on a fundamental principle: that of all-round respect for customers, people, the environment and also goods. This is the principle, which has always remained unchanged and has guided our growth over the years and our expansion into international markets.



A company philosophy which talks about responsibility and growth

The commitment towards achieving our company mission is entrusted to all those who, in whatever capacity, work within the Carcano environment on a day-to-day basis

In over 50 years of activity in the hot and cold forging sector, Carcano has never neglected the values that have been its hallmark since its inception: the company has already occupied a leading position in the market for many years, also at an international level, and we firmly believe that this result is closely related to the respect for the company philosophy.

The fundamental elements for maintaining and strengthening its market leadership are constant research and an unceasing commitment to ongoing improvement, together with updates, technological developments and an increasingly efficient service.

All those working in Carcano, whatever their department, are aware that the commitment towards these objectives is a team effort that must be made on a daily basis under the banner of our ultimate goal: total quality. This choice is guided by a sense of responsibility towards our customers and towards all those who will use Carcano products, as well as by the desire to embark on a path of sustainable and controlled growth, which allows us to always maintain total control over every activity together with excellent products and services.

Loyalty to tradition and innovative skills

No form of sustainable growth is unrelated to respect for one’s tradition: only in this way can one’s identity be maintained even along a path of innovation

The decision to remain loyal to our tradition and to pursue over the decades our philosophy of production, which has always been our hallmark with its fundamental values, derives directly from the excellence of those same values on which the company was founded. Where appropriate, however, we have naturally supported any necessary changes caused by changing times and requirements and by needs related to growth.

Knowledge of products and materials, attention to characteristics in various sectors, a special craft-based experience linked to technology - though not replaced by it - and a strong focus on detail are the aspects that accompany our innovative process on a daily basis.

We are convinced that every reality needs to follow a path towards innovation that is tailor-made for its own characteristics and production vision: only in this way can one get the best out of what technology can offer and not end up sacrificing those personal peculiarities and knowledge, accumulated and used profitably over the years, which are the truly unique and distinctive features of a company.

Respect and passion for precision

Showing respect means focusing one’s attention on everything that the company and its products may have an impact on, without neglecting any aspect. This is why maximum precision is essential.

When Carcano talks about respect, the audience it wishes to share its message with is extremely wide: we are talking about respect for the environment and for society, respect for our customers, respect for those who will use our products and also respect for the goods that will be handled by our products. How is this respect manifested? Through attention to the environment and the ecological and social impacts of our activities and our plants, while ensuring precise, top-quality service, supplies of safe reliable products and a search for increasingly efficient and high-performing solutions. This is why we can truly say that respect underlies every action we take.

Passion for precision is also closely allied to this value and it is manifested in all aspects of our service, but above all when it comes to checks and tests aimed at ensuring that the products placed on the market comply with the highest quality standards: raw materials, intermediate processing stages, finished products and everything that leaves our production facilities is checked many times over to make sure that every aspect is exactly as planned.