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CARTEC: a catalogue always on the move, at the service of lifting systems

The catalogue of CARTEC-brand lifting system accessories is continually expanding: here are a few of the new items from recent months



Lifting systems: a continually expanding catalogue

Responding to various market needs in an increasingly precise manner: the CARTEC lifting systems catalogue is continually expanding and is constantly updated with new articles and models.

 The CARCANO catalogue has a really vast range of articles and models so as to meet the widest possible needs for lifting loads: but – as we well know – every situation has its own peculiarities, and the variation in terms of materials needing to be moved, strength required, speed and ease of use, and preferences is almost unlimited. An extremely varied world requiring continuous innovation and ever more high-performing solutions both from a technical but also practical and cost-effective point of view.

This is why the CARTEC catalogue is continually expanding: our wide range of proposals, the quality of our products and our swift service have enabled us to reach a vast range of markets all over the world. The results we have achieved, however, also require relentless efforts to continue to update and enhance our lifting systems.

Our proposal of new lifting accessories with forms, closures, mountings and various technical features allows us to provide increasingly precise responses to all specific needs, while managing to stay one step ahead of the requirements of a market in continual evolution.

Weld-on hook and weld-on bracket

Two of the products included in our catalogue over recent months are the CARTEC 832X weld-on hook and the CARTEC 838X weld-on bracket: two products that meet specific market applications and requirements.

Two of the new products proposed by CARCANO are the CARTEC 832X weld-on hook and the CARTEC 838X weld-on bracket: two products that have been highly rated by various users in a range of sectors.

The 838X weld-on bracket,grade 100 (which does not have the characteristic peach colour but remains burnished), is available in five different versions according to the required load (the largest has a load capacity of 10 tons) and can be used in places with temperatures from -40°C to 400°C. The second of these additions is the 832X weld-on hook, also grade 100, available in four different versions according to the required load and can be used in absolute safety for up to 20 thousand lifts with full load.

Updating the warehouse of lifting system accessories

The continuous updating and stocking of CARTEC products, so that they are always ready for delivery, is made possible by a spacious, hi-tech warehouse which enables us to have full control over production even with a vast number of catalogue articles.

Managing such a vast number of articles necessarily entails cogent organising from a logistical point of view. We need to be able to guarantee uninterrupted supplies of accessories that are running low: CARTEC products are also designed, produced and stored inside the CARCANO production facility and so there are close links with the offices and the production department.

This is why CARCANO has equipped itself with a large-size warehouse and developed an automated system which allows us to keep the level of reserves of every article under constant control: when the numbers in stock fall below a pre-set level, the warehouse can automatically send a production order so that the stocks can be replenished in the shortest possible time and CARCANO is able at all times to offer a certain number of immediately available products from those in its catalogue.