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New rotating eyebolt with clamp 806X H.T. providing a boost in performance

In addition to enriching its existing catalogue with brand new products, Carcano also engages in improving its existing articles: this time it was the turn of the rotating eyebolt with clamp 806X which we have boosted significantly so that it is now 806X H.T.

Rotating eyebolts for lifting
Rotating eyebolts for lifting


The CARTEC catalogue is always on the move

Carcano’s commitment does not end with merely adding new and more high-performance products to its catalogue: the products already there undergo constant revision and improvement, always moving ahead

CARTEC’s product catalogue is always on the move: to respond to increasingly diversified methods of use and to make everyone’s work easier, in line with the loads to be handled and preferred procedures, the Carcano technical office designs, tests and launches the production of new products every year, all thanks to a fully in-house management process.

The creation of new products is certainly a priority but there’s no forgetting those already in the catalogue: these also undergo tests, checks and modifications to improve their performance in various ways. That’s the only way we can ensure that what we offer is the best in the market.

The process of revising and improving the products in the catalogue is undoubtedly an additional guarantee for our customers: Carcano places the utmost attention on every single item it produces and markets, even long after their initial creation. This attention is part of the way we are and the way we relate with anyone who uses our products.

The rotating eyebolt with clamp 806X is now 806X H.T.: increased load capacities

The rotating eyebolt with clamp 806X is now 806X H.T.: increased load capacities

This time it was the turn of the rotating eyebolt with clamp CARTEC 806X to undergo the revision process. It now becomes 806X H.T., a grade 100 product, whose load capacities have been improved providing even greater safety and enhanced opportunities for use. Practically perfect for applications at every temperature (from -40°C to 400°C), this rotating eyebolt can swivel on a base of 360° and allows directions of tension to 120°.

As usual, all the right instructions are delivered with every item: how to make the best use of it, how to optimise the distribution of loads and how to operate in total safety and using the correct combinations with the various lifting system components. These instructions can also be retrieved quickly and shared and saved via the QR code placed on the packages 
of the individual items, so as to have the necessary information at hand at all times.
Carcano also has an app designed to provide quick access to its product catalogue but also to provide information on correct use. Lastly, the Carcano Safety School programme was developed precisely to give lifting system users all the insights they need to use them in total safety and be fully aware of their actions.

CARTEC: guaranteed quality and ongoing improvementso

The CARTEC brand products, manufactured in our production facility in Italy, hold pride of place in the Carcano product range: top quality products, resulting from ongoing research

The products in the CARTEC catalogue hold pride of place in the Carcano product range: manufactured in our production facility in Italy, they are the result of hard work performed under our total control right from the initial concept stage. The design work is done by our in-house technical office and the prototypes are also made by us so that the technical quality of each item can be tested. A series of tests determines whether the item can be put into production as designed or needs modifications and additional prototypes and tests. When the perfect combination of form and performance has been achieved, that is when it can finally enter production: another Carcano in-house process together with quality control.

One might think that the lifting system world is a relatively stable one. In reality, if you learn to listen to the needs of those who use our products every day, their wide range of requirements and methods of use, the difficulties they encounter and their requests, you will realise it is a livelier world, more on the move than ever before, and always open to new solutions.