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The new rotating eyebolt Performer 813X: small size, high performance

When we presented the new rotating eyebolt Performer 813X, we had some fun imagining what could be lifted with this extraordinary product: well, with its mere 33 mm thread, the smallest in its range, you could actually lift two T-Rexes.



Small in size, top in performance

Updated version of the earlier 812X model, the rotating eyebolt Performer 813X combines lightweight geometry with outstanding performance, achieving loads in excess of 32 tons

Although it was already an extremely high-quality product, Carcano decided to aim for further improvements to its 812X eyebolt: that is what led to the creation of the rotating eyebolt Performer 813X. Its name already highlights its leading characteristic, namely the ability to offer really outstanding performance despite its modest size and its more lightweight geometry compared to its predecessor.

Being able to guarantee a modestly-sized product that can align perfectly with the load direction and lift very heavy loads means providing effective answers, above all, in all those situations where space for manoeuvring is limited.

In certain configurations, a single Performer 813X eyebolt (in the M100 version) can manage to lift a load of over 67 tons, whereas the M33 model – the smallest in the range – has a load capacity of more than 14 tons. All this comes with a safety coefficient of 4:1, which means that it has been tested to withstand – in perfect conditions – loads four times higher than those indicated, for maximum user safety, which must always be one’s prime concern with all lifting and handling manoeuvres. This is what we mean when we talk about truly superior performance.

Truly all-round alignment

The Performer 813X rotating eyebolt self-aligns with the load direction and can also swivel through 360°, facilitating lifting operations and making them safer

Made of high strength steel, it goes without saying that the Performer 813X rotating eyebolt shares, with the other products in its category, the ability to self-align with the load direction, thus avoiding the exercise of forces that could reduce its performance. But that’s not all: it is also designed to be able to swivel throughout 360°, while the bolt that fixes it to the load is calculated and constructed to be no-loss. In short, high performance and efficiency on all fronts.

In designing the Performer 813X rotating eyebolt we really have thought of everything: not only excellent performance and modest size, but also the possibility of retrieving the assembly instructions via a QR Code applied to the product itself, where you can also view the most common tension configurations.

Subjected to tests with 20 thousand fatigue cycles, this eyebolt is also able to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +400°C, thus making it suitable for use in settings such as foundries or wherever extreme temperatures are commonplace.

Why have rotating eyebolts and how to learn to use them

Why would you choose to use rotating eyebolts as opposed to traditional fixed ones? And how to learn to use them to the best effect to increase both efficiency and safety in lifting operations?

The difference between rotating eyebolts and fixed eyebolts is self-evident from their names: while the latter are bolted to the load to be lifted and remain stationary in the position they were inserted, rotating eyebolts have the ability to self-align with the load direction, which means that the ring to which the chains are hooked can position itself in the same direction as the chains. Why is this characteristic an advantage? Because if forces are wrongly applied on the eyebolt, this could lead to its breakage or slackening.

Whatever product you decide to use, the most important thing is to learn how to use it correctly: for this reason, in recent years Carcano has established the CARTEC Safety Academy, a training program whose purpose is to provide all operators responsible for lifting and handling loads with all the knowledge required to operate in a fully competent and safe manner.