Direct production of CARTEC lifting systems in the Italian plant, with testing throughout the process.

" />Direct production of CARTEC lifting systems in the Italian plant, with testing throughout the process.

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Direct production of lifting systems: the essential condition for quality and flexibility

The direct production of lifting systems in our Italian plant is key to our company philosophy: on the one hand, it enables to guarantee unbeatable quality, and on the other it is essential to the flexibility required to satisfy the demands of our various markets. This is how our export business has grown to become our focus for the future.

Lifting system production
Lifting system production


Direct production of lifting systems: a matter of quality

Our CARTEC lifting systems are made in our Italian factory. This gives us complete control of every step in production and testing

Quality and safety are key to our lifting systems: this has led us to handle all our design, prototyping and production in-house, including the many tests required at each step of the process to ensure that every unit satisfies the most rigorous quality criteria.

Quality is not just a sequence of procedures and processes, but is part of our core identity, a way of managing every step in production: this is why we have to manufacture our CARTEC lifting systems in-house

The process which leads to the production of any CARTEC lifting system component starts at our Carcano offices: this is where we design new products, always in consideration of the mutable needs of the market and new technological developments. The components then go through rigorous prototyping and testing, resulting in the refined finished design: the next step is making the dies and the launch of production. Production is constantly controlled, with each batch going through a full set of tests: traction and resilience tests, chemical analysis, X-ray and magnetoscope examinations and fatigue testing all contribute to ensuring that our products are perfect in every way.

All these tests and processes are handled in-house at Carcano so that we can guarantee uncompromised quality to our clients.

Direct production of lifting systems: a matter of flexibility

Flexibility is important in the production of lifting systems, since it enables us to respond more quickly to changes in the market, and to keep with and even anticipate emerging requirements

While quality is core to the company's identity and is guaranteed not only by our procedures, but by our approach to them, flexibility is no less important in practice. A rigid organisation, however it may succeed in making high quality lifting equipment, is not able to respond adequately to the diverse needs of our many markets, which demand a responsive, efficient partner to support their development.

Today more than ever, the technological development of every industry is fast and furious: every day sees the emergence of new requirements, which we must not only satisfy, but even anticipate. This is where making our lifting systems ourselves is a genuine competitive advantage

Full control of the entire production system, from design to dies, production to the warehouse, enables us to be extremely fast and reactive in responding to the changing needs of the market and of our clients themselves, and even enables us to make custom products for applications which cannot be satisfied directly by our vast catalogue of solutions.

Our warehouses also play a critical role: we replenish them continuously to maintain sufficient inventory for several months of demand, so that we can immediately fill our clients' orders.

Continuously growing export: the success of CARTEC lifting systems

The success of CARTEC lifting systems worldwide is due to a corporate philosophy based on direct production control, quality and customisation

Just like our products, every theory must pass the unforgiving test of reality: for us, this test is the response of our markets to the path we have decided to take. Direct control of every step in the CARTEC production process and our availability to design custom solutions are core characteristics of our business model.

This model has so far passed the test of real world applications in a vast range of industries worldwide with flying colours: exports are growing continuously, thus confirming the validity of our products and our approach to the market, as well as the customer loyalty Carcano has gained over the years

Exports have become increasingly important to Carcano in just a few years: we currently export to all five continents and work with prestige partners in the United States, Australia, China, Japan, South America and Africa, as well as in all European countries.