Quality accessories for railways: a major Carcano success

Carcano products enjoy a privileged position among several industries and none more so than its railway accessories: a wide selection ranging from single items to assembled finished components, with all the necessary marks plus unparalleled reliability.

Prodotti forgiati ferrovie
Prodotti forgiati ferrovie


Hot forged products for railways: in search of perfection

Experience, product diversification, top quality and a rigorous control system: this is how, over the years, Carcano has won over the railway accessories sector

Over the years, Carcano’s specialisation in the hot forging of ferrous alloys, aluminium alloys and copper alloys has provided the company with the opportunity to access a number of business areas such as accessories for electricity lines, composite insulators, telephone-line accessories, restraining swivel devices (PPE) and general industrial products.

Among the leading sectors where Carcano is actively involved, a privileged position is undoubtedly enjoyed by railway accessories: a field that requires precision, reliability, readiness, a spirit for innovation and, of course, maximum safety standards.

Carcano’s technical organisation is capable of satisfying all customer requirements from a technical and production point of view: our offices have many available resources, including the latest generation 3D modelling and FEM modelling software, testing facilities with vertical and horizontal traction machines and high-precision measurement tools, testing gantries for accessories and computerised control systems.

A wide range of products for railways

Carcano brand railway products range from cantilevers to tensioning devices, forged items in various materials, clamping products, mast kits and metal-structure gantries and Kevlar anchoring

Carcano has a number of available solutions for the railway industry ranging from single items to assembled finished components, such as for example the 25kV triangular overhead cantilevers made with extruded aluminium tubes, forged aluminium alloy clamps, fibreglass and silicon rubber insulators, or RFI 3kV and 25kV overhead cantilevers, with horizontal aluminium crossarms, RFI-approved and made with extruded aluminium profiles.

Also for the railway sector, Carcano offers tensioning pulley devices in versions for mounting on masts, and for mounting on gantries, including the return pulleys and different-length cables.
The forged components for railway use include forged items in steel (mast connectors, tensioners, automatic adjustment accessories, overhead cantilever components, catenary contact-line components) forged items in CuNiSi (droppers, equipotential connections, wire splicers, contact clamps) and forged items in aluminium (mast connectors, overhead cantilever components, earthing and overhead cantilever clamps, various terminals).

We produce clamps in copper alloy, aluminium alloy or steel; section insulators - a field in which Carcano has attained technical qualification for the production of 3Kv section insulators for RFI - and composite insulators (for cantilevers, stay arms and high voltage); mast kits and gantry kits both with CE marks as they are subject to the EN 1090 standard; lightweight and medium-weight metal structures for all types of application and lastly high-strength synthetic aramid-type cable mid-point anchoring (Kevlar).

Quality, reliability, maximum control: the cornerstones of the Carcano offering

A certified quality system and a stringent program of controls. Objective: achieve the maximum in laboratory tests and always ensure maximum safety

The Carcano quality system was developed in compliance with the EN ISO 9001:1995 standard and achieved DNV certification in 2014. Its approval from “DGUV Prüf- und Zertifizierungsstelle Oberflächentechnik und Anschlagmittel” dates back to 1997 with accreditation of the H92 logo for the production of grade 80 and 100 accessories in compliance with the EN818 and EN1677 standards.

A series of certifications that testify to the attention that Carcano always pays to quality in every phase of manufacturing its products, from design to processing, storage and delivery, without forgetting the fundamental test phase: every day our offices put every effort into achieving maximum results in laboratory tests and ensuring maximum product safety.