Carcano manufactures its lifting systems itself, and subjects all production lots to a battery of quality tests which guarantee unbeatable, uniform quality

" />Carcano manufactures its lifting systems itself, and subjects all production lots to a battery of quality tests which guarantee unbeatable, uniform quality

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Production testing: our commitment to uniform high quality

Production testing - run on all production lots - is only part of the philosophy of quality we apply to all Carcano processes, and which enables us to guarantee uniform high quality to our clients worldwide. Every step is controlled and tracked, without exception.

Production and quality testing
Production and quality testing


The company's quality philosophy and production testing

Our uniform, high quality production is guaranteed by a series of tests running from raw materials throughout the process to the finished product

Carcano's clients should not only be able to count on our quality, but also on the fact that our quality is constant and guaranteed over time, year after year, order after order. We achieve this by designing our processes to guarantee quality, from raw materials procurement to staff training and quality tests, every step is carefully designed to eliminate non-conformities.

The importance of quality is widely acknowledged, and especially so in the case of lifting systems, for which reliability is a key concern: we guarantee this by running a battery of tests throughout production.

This is one of the main reasons we have decided to manufacture our CARTEC lifting systems ourselves: we procure the raw materials from major Italian steelworks, and all materials are certified and subjected to rigorous acceptance controls before they are used in our production.

During the process, our trained and specialised staff rigorously monitors every step, and each lot is subjected to no less than five quality tests, to immediately identify and eliminate non-conforming units.

Five quality tests for every production lot

Raw material inspections and five quality tests run on every lot by our state of the art in-house laboratory

The most visible aspect of Carcano's philosophy of quality - which governs all our production processes - are the tests run on every production lot. The result is that if all non-conforming parts are identified by our testing and immediately taken out of the cycle.

Each lot is subjected to five different production tests: tensile strength, resilience, chemical analysis, X-ray and magnetoscope examination, and fatigue testing. This full set of tests enables us to ensure conformity with the highest standards from every point of view.

These constant, rigorous tests on every lot are run by our dedicated in-house quality laboratory: a specific production department enables us to precisely identify any parts with potential non-conformities as a result of the tests, and eliminate them immediately before they are shipped to our clients.

This is one of the plus points which has won us ever more clients worldwide, and which we consider a cornerstone of the Stamperia Carcano approach to manufacturing.