Safety and training: the basic level of the CARTEC Safety Academy

To operate in total safety in the lifting field, Carcano has established the CARTEC Safety Academy, structured in three levels: the first of these already allows operators to learn the notions required to operate in total tranquillity.



A safety culture starts from training

Through operating for many years in the field of accessories for lifting systems, we came to realise how important it is to have correct knowledge about their use in terms of safety

With the development of our own line dedicated to products that form lifting systems with different levels of complexity – as seen in the CARTEC catalogue – we came to realise how important it is to have correct knowledge about their use: knowing how to use these tools is not just a question – however important – of making the most of their potential, but also and above all a question of safety. On the one hand, the ability of lifting systems to work at their best depends a lot on how they are used and their load capacities differ substantially according to the actual system design and, on the other hand, understanding how the forces applied to these systems actually operate is not always intuitive for everyone.

Carcano also wanted to make its own contribution towards the training of personnel engaged in using its lifting systems, in the belief that only a conscious approach can be a safe approach: this is why the CARTEC Safety Academy was established a few years ago.

Establishing the CARTEC Safety Academy involved considerable effort in terms of organisation and in terms of resources i.e. personnel and hours spent: since we are a manufacturing business, we were moving well outside our comfort zone. However, it was a priority project for Carcano and, when it saw the light of day – firstly in its face-to-face version and then also in its online versions – we truly realised how much the market was waiting for an opportunity like this.

CARTEC Safety Academy: basic level

The CARTEC Safety Academy offers three different training levels, depending on the specific needs of the customer: employees will already be able to learn the fundamentals, by following the basic course

The CARTEC Safety Academy includes three different training levels: basic (4 hours), intermediate (6 hours) and expert (8 hours). Which course to choose naturally depends on the type of loads to be handled, the complexity of the operations that the operator needs to deal with and the level of in-depth knowledge one wants to achieve, which of course may also vary according to each employee’s role in the company.

The basic level of the CARTEC Safety Academy is aimed at learning the fundamentals of safe lifting techniques and can be organised in face-to-face and online versions, depending on the customer’s needs.

What is included in the basic course of four hours? First of all, it provides a general explanation of regulations and legislation governing lifting: basic expressions and definitions, main load capacities and safety coefficients and markings on slings. It then moves on to the second module, looking at steel cables or ropes: the different types of strand ropes are dealt with, the main applications of loops on cables or ropes and the regular inspections to be performed on them. The third module covers slings: the difference between fibre slings, ropes and chains, the types and basics of rope slings, chain slings and fibre slings. The fourth module takes a close look at the types and basic notions of lifting hooks, lifting shackles and anchoring eyebolts. The course concludes with an analysis of some case studies and the final assessment test to ensure that those taking part have fully understood the contents of the lessons.

Made-to measure safety also comes online

Customers can opt for the off-the-shelf courses offered by Carcano or arrange for tailor-made courses to suit their specific needs, either face-to-face or in the convenient online versions

As we have seen, the content of the basic course is highly intense and thorough, although it does not, of course, allow you to gain specific, in-depth knowledge of the individual topics. Nevertheless, it is a way to start to find your feet in the world of lifting loads, to understand how it works, to correctly read the information stamped on the various accessories and also to make sure you comply with legal provisions.

Those wishing to gain a deeper insight into the various aspects and acquire more accomplished skills can access the intermediate and advanced courses, but not only: Carcano also offers the possibility of organising tailor-made programmes dedicated to specific customer needs. All these can be done in the face-to-face formula or in the convenient online version: because investing in safety is a choice that always pays off.