Sun and wood: a sustainable approach towards the environment

Carcano’s approach to sustainability includes an all-round commitment, which ranges from the installation of solar panels to the adoption of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. And, of course, this means continual research and ongoing improvements following a route that includes no stops.



The Sun’s energy to meet our office requirements

Following the first installation of solar panels in 2011, we are now planning an extension. Aim: to use the Sun’s energy increasingly to meet our energy supply requirements.

It goes without saying that a company engaged in hot metal forging needs large quantities of energy to ensure appropriate supply levels for production purposes: the fact is that this is a difficult sector in which optimising consumption does not mean having to throw in the towel, quite the opposite. It is precisely for types of production like these that even greater efforts are required to intervene wherever possible to reduce one’s energy requirements on the one hand, and on the other to obtain one’s energy supplies increasingly from renewable sources.

Carcano had already made a start in 2011 with the first significant installation of solar panels, which helped us to meet the majority of energy requirements for our offices. In the near future the panels are going to be extended, increasing our share of renewable energy.

The installation of solar panels and their planned extension over the coming months – confirmation of the decision to obtain our energy supplies increasingly from renewable sources – go together with our initiatives aimed at reducing basic energy needs, such as exploiting the cooling systems in production areas to produce warm and cooled air for the offices according to the season.

Environmentally friendly logistics: the choice of packaging and research

Working with customers all over the world and producing several thousand pieces every year, our choices in packaging also involve an environmental impact we are very conscious about.

Thousands and thousands of lifting system accessories produced every year by Carcano are destined for the most diverse markets around the world: a continuous flow from our production plant in Italy that makes its way to every corner of the earth. This is why the decisions we make with regard to packaging are of fundamental importance.

Wherever possible, we have decided for Carcano products to use wooden and cardboard packaging: eco-sustainable materials that are easy to recycle (and reuse if desired) to minimize environmental impact. And that’s not all: we are also testing new wrappings for individual products to find increasingly environmentally friendly solutions from all points of view.

A sustainable approach signed by Carcano

Carcano adopts a global approach to sustainability, seeking on the one hand to minimize and balance out our environmental impact, and on the other to achieve positive returns for society.

Sustainability features a thousand facets and covers every aspect of company life: sustainability is being able to ensure corporate solidity, a form of respect for the market, jobs and society. Sustainability is showing care for the social fabric one deals with on various levels. Sustainability naturally means also paying attention to one’s environmental footprint, trying to minimize its impact with all available means and with a view to ongoing improvements.

Convinced that the other side of sustainability is responsibility, Carcano has always adopted a coherent and, fittingly, responsible approach: this philosophy leads us to analyse every process, every room for improvement and every result of our actions to raise our sights higher and higher.