Inside a hook, a world of technology and research

When we offer our customers a new product, whether it is a new entry in the catalogue or an ad hoc creation for one customer, what lies inside it is a world of technology and research with decades of history in its wake and the working together of a trained and specialised team.



Lifting systems: a technology that always looks ahead

Every lifting-system accessory hides a world consisting of research, design, production techniques and the desire to offer products with increasing levels of safety and high performance

To an inexperienced eye, all accessories used for lifting and moving loads may look the same: conversely, it is a highly complex and varied world, where innovation and technology are the order of the day. A hook, for example, is made up of many parts that work together to ensure not only the product’s strength, but also its ease of use, durability, reliability and – above all else – its safety. But even those accessories that may appear less complex are actually the result of meticulous study and the desire to provide users with increasingly high-performance products

The technology behind the production of lifting-system accessories takes small but significant steps forward every day and it is more complex than it might appear: even the smallest element is studied and tested to achieve the perfect result. And when tomorrow comes, this won’t be enough either.

Over and above the more obvious aspects such as their actual function within the overall lifting system and their dimensions, accessories intended for such uses differ from each other in a whole host of particular ways that are sometimes immediately recognizable or sometimes less obvious. These details make them suitable for different needs as well as different preferences. This is logical, even when it comes to lifting systems: each one has its own style, while ensuring compliance with sound safety standards.

Materials, components, processes: every element can make the difference

From design to the choice of raw materials, from processing to controls, every construction detail and every production process contributes towards differentiating the various accessories

There are several elements that make the difference in the manufacture of accessories for lifting systems: first and foremost, of course, there’s the design, i.e. the actual shape of the product itself and its component parts and how these interact with each other. Product design in Carcano is entrusted to its own in-house design department and must take account of a series of aspects such as, of course, the loads, the environment, the methods of use and so on. 
A fundamental element is the choice of raw materials: the better they are, the more reliable and high-performing the finished product will be. That is why Carcano has always preferred to get its supplies from the best Italian steel mills, choosing traceable and certified materials.
Processing is also important: if design and raw materials aim for the highest levels, but the processing is imprecise, the end result will also suffer. This is why Carcano performs in-house all the processing for the products in the CARTEC catalogue and also conducts tests on every production batch.
Because when it comes to accessories for lifting systems, each element can make the difference.

Lifting loads, a complex and varied world

The wide range and variety of products in the CARTEC catalogue bear witness to a myriad of different uses, needs and preferences: the lowest common denominator is the search for safety

The world of lifting loads is a varied and complex world, consisting of a multitude of technical characteristics and various needs of use as well as the preferences of individual users. All these parameters need to be taken into account when designing a new product: for this reason, the CARTEC catalogue has a number of various choices and combinations that are continuously being improved and expanded, precisely to allow everyone to find the perfect solution for their own specific needs.

There are accessories that are perfect for use in hot or environmentally difficult conditions, for example in marine environments or where chemicals are commonplace. Or where you may find yourself having to operate in confined spaces, where every millimetre is crucial. Or, again, you may need to hook and unhook loads easily and quickly, while always ensuring absolute safety.

In addition to these objective needs, there are also those of the individual user and the methods chosen to secure and move loads. There are several patterns that can be adopted and several products that can adapt to them, but one thing is always essential: safety, which derives from knowledge and care. For this reason, Carcano provides its customers with a series of both technological and training tools so that everyone operates with the utmost knowledge of the facts.