Total quality objective: control, attention and passion for top-range products

Ever since its conception, Carcano has relentlessly pursued its objective of total quality: every action and every company process is geared towards achieving this important aspiration that lies at the heart of satisfying our customers all over the world.



Growth accompanied by total quality

In Carcano’s eyes growth means growth in terms of quality: proximity to markets and to our international partners drives us to set our targets a little higher every time

In Carcano’s eyes, company growth is totally inseparable from maintaining high levels of quality and from a relentless desire to raise one’s sights at all times: this is how Carcano has achieved a respectable positioning on the world stage and how it intends to strengthen and consolidate it with increasing vigour.
The company pursues its policy of expansion on international markets through a targeted development strategy, increasing its presence in Europe and around the world. There’s a whole range of sector events that the company takes part in with its product lines, in the constant search for international visibility which is certainly a strength of the commercial organisation.

Proximity to markets, and consequently to one’s commercial partners, is in itself an intrinsic feature of the concept of quality that has always been pursued by Carcano: a vision in which globalisation is seen as a great opportunity for growth.

Therefore, not a barrier to one’s own success, but rather an incentive towards sharing one’s viewpoint and always offering something above and better than what has been achieved to date, while never losing sight of the founding principles of one’s company philosophy. For this reason, since its foundation, there was only one way to go: along the road of total quality.

Total quality is achieved through control

Obtaining control over every stage of the production process has always been a leading objective for Carcano, through precise, organised and well-established procedures.

A fundamental step in achieving quality is to have full control at all times over every stage of company processes and over the products up for delivery. This is why Carcano strived over the years to perfect a process for measuring and monitoring. It is a well-established procedure that was concluded by qualified, specialised and regularly trained personnel. This procedure, alongside the production process which naturally makes up the main focus of Carcano’s activity, forms the company’s backbone. A drive for perfection that is not slowed down even when the most ambitious goals are achieved.

The top-level quality standards we have achieved are acknowledged by our customers all over the world and have never deprived Carcano’s internal processes of the innovative drive that is a feature of the company’s strategy applied to all production stages.

As a guarantee of a process whose target is total quality, all the stages are individually monitored, from when incoming raw materials are received to the final packaging of products ready for delivery to the customer.
A cutting-edge testing facility, equipped with all the best and latest technologies, provides evidence of Carcano’s determination in its everyday work to pursue, improve and define the concept of total quality which has always been the goal it has aspired to.

To achieve total quality you need to get off to a good start

Quality raw materials is the starting point for quality products: a principle that has always been a main focus for Carcano.

Total quality cannot be achieved if you do not get off to a good start and the “good start” in our business is undoubtedly a matter of procuring quality raw materials. That is why Carcano has always paid particular attention to this aspect and prepared a specific procedure for this purpose.

The raw materials used to manufacture CARTEC products are selected at the outset through rigid certification processes that ensure their quality. The steel alloys used for hot forging must have particular resistance to failure strain and must not contain any impurities or inclusions generated during the thermodynamic metallurgical processes. A number of controls are performed to ensure the suitability of the material to be processed.