certificates of lifting systems
certificates of lifting systems


Tracking guarantee: a point of safety for lifting systems

As regards lifting systems, ensuring the tracking of each item is not only a question of common sense and company reliability, but also a precise obligation arising from existing regulations in the European Community.

When we talk about lifting systems, safety is paramount: every step within our production process is designed and organised to ensure not only top quality, but also accurate controls of each single part which leaves our production facilities, where all the work processes concerning CARTEC lifting systems are performed

For Carcano, tracking is not only a legal obligation to be complied with, it is also part of a specific production philosophy which aims at uncompromising quality: this is why we can at any time reconstruct the entire cycle of every single part and, if necessary, recover information on the other parts included in the same production batch.

It is one thing to show reliability and common sense in complying with a precise obligation under existing European Community legislation – a directive which all manufacturers must conform to – but it is another thing to include this obligation within a precise and conscious company-structure geared to ensuring maximum safety for all users.

Digital certificates for lifting systems available anywhere

Carcano produces and stores the certificates relating to each individual product and these can be requested and received anywhere in the world so that they can be stored and shared among various offices in digital format.

Every piece produced by Carcano is accompanied by a certificate which shows all the data and is always just a few clicks away: wherever you are in the world, you can ask for them and receive them in no time at all, so as to store them or, if required, share them with other departments or interested parties. Instead of relying exclusively on hard copies, which are inconvenient to use and easy to lose or spoil, having the possibility of receiving and storing digital copies with ease can become an integral part of one’s internal processes concerning quality and safety.

For Carcano it means producing and storing an enormous quantity of documents but we are convinced that offering our customers this service and this opportunity is an essential step forward as regards digitisation processes and promoting a safety culture. This makes it increasingly simple to access the documents on currently used lifting systems, for whatever reason they may be needed.

A green turning point: cloud storage of documentation

Carcano documents are no longer printed but are all stored in the Cloud: in this way, they are always up-to-date, available anywhere and can be easily shared without having to print a single sheet.

Dealing with products such as lifting systems, which are closely linked to the topic of safety, it is easy to imagine that Carcano produces an enormous quantity of documents every day for each piece it makes. Until fairly recently, the only solution was to print the entire documentation: endless piles of paper stacked higher and higher day by day, with easily imaginable consequences in terms of organisation and filing, as well as for the environment.

With a view to streamlining procedures for itself and its customers and to safeguarding the environment, these documents are no longer printed but stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed and easily shared anywhere in the world, without having to print a single sheet.

An important evolution, which has required a total rethink of the company’s IT architecture, but which we firmly believe will have a significant impact for our offices and for our customers, and will also provide considerable savings of paper and ink, achieving an effective reduction of the environmental impact that office operations entail.