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The use of slings in lifting operations

When talking about slings for lifting and handling loads, there are two aspects we need to pay particular attention to: the first is the quality of the accessories being used, the second is the correct assembly and use of components according to the characteristics of the load to be lifted and moved.



Accessories for lifting slings: a question of safety

The CARTEC catalogue offers a range of accessories so customers can choose the most suitable product for each type of load to be handled. But things need to be done with full awareness

Over the years, the CARTEC catalogue has developed considerably, enabling each company to choose the best items in terms of the types of loads to be handled and their suitability to the settings where they will be used, while not forgetting the specific needs and preferences of each individual.

While the use of slings in lifting operations is a consolidated feature in every industrial environment, there is still a need to spread greater awareness about safety when considering the design and the construction of load lifting points.

Even the finest products, if used in the wrong way, will suffer a dramatic reduction in performance and effectiveness. This is an issue that Carcano has addressed by investing resources and energy in the design of increasingly versatile devices that can adapt to different needs and meet more precisely the specific requirements demanded by customers. Furthermore, all our information materials – whether on paper or online – contain precise instructions for the optimum assemblage of slings using accessories produced by Carcano.

How best to make lifting points for slings?

The construction of slings and the related lifting points must be in compliance with a careful and competent design, which takes account of the factors that can influence their resistance

Whether we’re using grade 80 or grade 100 accessories, various sling configurations can be created according to the shape and weight of the load to be handled. Starting from the simplest sling consisting of a single leg we can in fact move on to more complex ones, for example with two, three or four legs. There are also endless choker slings or basket slings, which can provide good load capacities if they can be used in the specific context. It is plain to see that the design and construction of slings and their lifting points need to be in the hands of specialised personnel with the right technical skills and expertise since such operations require a complex series of factors to be taken into consideration. For example, when chains form an edge in lifting, you need to take account of specific load reduction factors which may be crucial for the overall resistance of the sling. Only in this way will it be possible to make correct use of the various available accessories and create an efficient, effective and above all safe device.

The importance of a trusted set up

As with any project, you need to start from quality materials to achieve a quality result: this is why the production line for Carcano sling accessories is an absolute guarantee

Carcano has always directly designed, produced and marketed the CARTEC range of lifting accessories. In fact, one of our company’s distinctive production processes is the hot forging of metals, a sector in which we have achieved a very high level of reliability over the years, also thanks to a whole series of rigorous quality controls on each production batch.

The correct design and construction of slings is a fundamental factor for safe and expedient lifting, but it is not enough: everything must naturally start from the products that you use. Choosing quality accessories you can trust is an essential condition for ensuring safe handling.

Carcano was the first Italian company to achieve approval from the prestigious German entity DGUV, being awarded its “H92” mark, and it has always focused on the development of specialist lines intended for a vast range of industrial and commercial sectors. Ever since their arrival on the scene, the CARTEC range lifting devices have been among the leading players in load handling dynamics in every environment and over the years they have proved capable of gaining a respected position in markets worldwide and winning the trust of operators who turn to CARTEC every day to ensure total peace of mind in all lifting operations.