black accessories for amusement parks
black accessories for amusement parks


Black accessories: a question of aesthetics and safety

Black accessories are used for reasons of aesthetics, since they are unobtrusive and reflect little light, and also for greater safety

One of the latest additions to the CARCANO catalogue in the CARFER line is the series of matt black accessories: unlike the other articles – which stand out due to their bright and diverse colours precisely so as to be easily identified – these items have the exactly the opposite purpose: becoming almost invisible so as not to clash with the context and not to draw attention.

The advantages of black accessories, with their matt finish that reflects as little light as possible, are obvious if we think about situations where we wish to have an aesthetically-pleasing context of the highest quality: in sceneries and sets, they tend to disappear, but also when we don’t want to draw attention to an infrastructure.

Total black is therefore an excellent solution for various situations, without foregoing of course the first and most important characteristic that every CARFER accessory needs to have: a level of quality that ensures maximum safety and absolute reliability throughout their life cycle.

Theatre stage sceneries and TV stage sets: the reason for black accessories

Prime use of black accessories are theatre stage sceneries and TV stage sets and other similar places: traditional colourful accessories would stick out like a sore thumb and spoil the aesthetic impact

Theatre stage sceneries and TV stage sets and other similar applications often need to be highly spectacular: for this reason, we have some self-propelled elements, lifting systems, sliding walls and so on. If the audience gasp effect is to be ensured, then these elements need a more or less complex structure that enables them to work perfectly.

In this context, it would naturally be out of place to see ropes and coloured hooks, which would spoil the impact of the entire scenery: that’s why black accessories, which tend, on the other hand, to disappear inside it and become almost invisible. A characteristic that is even more accentuated by the matt finish which, unlike the gloss finish, reflects very little light: that's why their aesthetic impact is absolutely negligible once they are installed.


Black accessories in amusement parks so as not to draw attention

Safety and tranquillity for the user: when black is required in order to go unnoticed and not to spoil the fun

Amusement parks and other similar places are fitted, of course, with all kinds of devices to make sure that safety is guaranteed absolutely and for absolutely everything, from a technical point of view and ensuring that there can be no accidental or wilful tampering. So, by avoiding drawing attention, black accessories can be a good way of further increasing this level of safety, but that’s not all: they are also a fundamental source in ensuring user tranquillity.
When we are having fun on a roller coaster or in a haunted house or other similar places, what we want is to focus on this fantasy world and the emotions that such places arouse. In this sort of context, however, accessories that are clearly visible could distract us and remind us of the existence of a technical infrastructure: although it’s an aspect obvious to everyone, remembering it exactly when you are about to enjoy an attraction could raise the level of anxiety in some members of the public, spoiling the fun.