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Online training: we teach the world how to lift loads safely

With the introduction of the online CARTEC Safety Academy, Carcano has provided the world with the chance of following advanced training on lifting and handling loads. An opportunity met with enthusiasm by companies on the international stage.



CARTEC Safety Academy online, a worldwide success

After an initial experimental period with face-to-face lessons, Carcano also created the online version of the Academy in various languages: a proposal appreciated by customers from all over the world

It is essential for those operating in the lifting sector to know the correct way for handling a load, the forces that come into play, all the applicable regulations, the elements that can reduce the capacity of an accessory and, conversely, those that can make it work better and so on: but how do you reach a large number of people? The face-to-face courses we created with the CARTEC Safety Academy were in fact just the first step, but they did not allow us to give our support everywhere and in a smart and organisationally simple manner.

If organising the classroom-based Academy was extremely challenging for a manufacturing company like ours, moving it online required an additional effort in terms of organisation, time and resources. It was, however, a project really close to our heart and the response from companies has confirmed that we were right.

Once the possibility of using this important training tool was also made available to customers online, interest was not long in coming from all over the world. The issue of safety is an increasingly sensitive matter and today no company, however large or small it is, can ignore the need – and thank goodness! – of providing its operators not only with the tools but also the necessary training to ensure that they can work without running risks. And who better than a company that studies and manufactures lifting systems to organise training on lifting and handling?

Particular needs? Ask our lifting experts

The CARTEC Safety Academy is structured on different levels, so as to meet various needs. If, however, there are particular situations and requirements, we can arrange made-to-measure courses with our experts

Academy courses include tests and a final certificate. They are in fact arranged on different levels so as to meet a wide range of needs and include technical and practical information, regulations and also case studies to gain a better understanding of the concepts illustrated during the lessons. This means that we can give adequate answers to most of the lifting operations to be performed in various industrial settings.

However, there are cases in which a company has special needs or would like to address issues closely related to its own operations: this is why we have also arranged to organise totally customised courses, where our experts address the issues and cases that directly interest these companies.

Lifting and handling loads: a question of safety

Our production philosophy focuses on total quality: a necessity when dealing with lifting systems. This is why we wanted to share our knowledge.

So, we took a closer look at the possibility of allowing people to follow Cartec Safety Academy courses also in the online version. But how did this initiative come about? Safety is always a fundamental priority and lies at the heart of our internal production processes and the products we place on the market. It is a principle we have always been very fond of, so much so that we have made the so-called “total quality” the main objective in our work, a cornerstone of our company that we have talked about on other occasions .

First and foremost, when we created the CARTEC Safety Academy, we asked ourselves why it should be us. After all, a manufacturing company has the task of producing accessories that are safe and reliable and providing all the necessary information for their correct use, not training people. Well, we decided it wasn’t enough.

Perhaps from a practical point of view, that’s how it would be: we had completed our task. But there is another aspect that is part of the Carcano philosophy: assuming Responsibility. And we felt that it was our responsibility to do all we could to transfer our know-how.
Therefore, once the quality of our products was ensured, the next objective was to achieve quality in how to use them. For this reason we created a series of courses, initially face-to-face and then also targeting online courses, to give as many operators as possible the opportunity for receiving fundamental training to ensure their safety.